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Oracle Ford Provides Standout Service for Tucson

When it comes to ensuring that your vehicle maintains its high level of quality, we here at Oracle Ford Inc. are able to help every step of the way with your Ford. Our service center backs you with a wide range of maintenance to give you the confidence you need in the greater Tucson area and enjoy a vehicle that provides you with standout quality.


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New Style, New Design, Same Excellence: the 2018 Ford F-150

There's a new iteration of our favorite full-sized truck coming soon and it's got a lot to offer in the looks department! The upcoming 2018 Ford F-150 is boasting tons of new style and design elements, sure to get you drooling over what we know will become your favorite pickup ever. From new wheel designs, to new headlamps, a host of new front grille styles, new tailgate styles, and more, the F-150 is more modern and dynamic than you've ever seen before. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself:


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A Real-World Review of the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport

There's no denying just how gorgeous and dynamic the looks of the 2017 Ford Fusion are, and the folks at Autotrader certainly agree! But how does it handle in real-world driving situations that people just like us would experience every day? Well, Autotrader is here to give us the details and we think you're going to like what you hear.

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Get a Closer Look at the 2018 Ford Expedition

While the crossover segment continues to blow up, the large SUV segment is still around and drivers from all over America love the space, comfort, technologies, and ride quality they provide! Our favorite American automaker offers one that's absolutely no exception and the latest 2018 Ford Expedition looks to continue the legacy of luxury for another year. However, this time, the Expedition has been redesigned inside and out!


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High-Performance Options in the Ford Model Lineup

If you're in the market for something from our favorite American automaker but you demand more thrills from your ride, more excitement and performance to keep you grinning every time you take the wheel, then Ford has you covered! Besides the new Ford GT model, there's a lot of other options for you to explore.

Click to read about the high-performance Ford models and see a video!

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Monstrous Capability in the 2017 Ford F-350

Huge, powerful, high-performance, and ready to take on just about anything you could possibly throw at it, the 2017 Ford F-350 is one truly exceptional pickup truck. Even better, it offers just about everything you could ever want behind the wheel and we here at Oracle Ford Inc. absolutely love it! Boasting such aspects best-in-class towing up to 32,500 pounds - when properly equipped - you'll never have to leave anything behind. See more about it in the overview video below:


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The Ford GT is Making its Way to Our Oracle, AZ Dealership

Few sports cars offer the thrilling performance and stunning design quite like the Ford GT, a supercar that's designed for the track, but will soon be offered for everyday drivers. Though this isn't your typical everyday vehicle, as you'll find its driver-focused design and the dynamic layers of performance and style are made for the ultimate driving experience. Press play to see the new GT in action, then visit our Oracle, AZ Ford dealership today.

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Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars by buying from...

Buying a car is an incredibly large purchase and not only because of the amount of money, but also because you are choosing a car that will be in your life for years. Now, yes money is most definitely large factor as well and it is amazing when you can save on that new car! Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars on a car relatively easily?

First of, when you plan to go into the dealership make sure you know exactly what you want and how much you want to pay. This is the biggest part in…

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Enjoying Tucson with Your New Ford

Taking the F-150 Hiking on Mt Lemmon

One of the most beautiful areas of Tucson has to be Mt Lemmon and the all of the great views from the numerous hiking trails. With a Ford F-150 it's easier than ever to make it up there with four-wheel drive and tons of power to make sure that you'll make it through all the sand.

Tailgating at Arizona Stadium with your Ford Escape

What better way to spend a Saturday in Tucson than at Arizona Stadium watching your Arizona Wildcats football team play? Loading up your friends, food, mini grill…

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