Why Should I Know My Credit Score when Shopping in Tucson?

You'll often find a request for your credit score or an estimation of your credit score when shopping for a new or used vehicle. This is an important factor for lenders in determining your interest rate, creditworthiness, and total price of the loan. Learn more about the importance of your credit score today and ways to plan for the future with a new Ford in your driveway in Florence.

What is an Estimated Credit Score?

An estimated credit score is a ballpark range that you can use to determine your loan details in a hypothetical calculation situation. For example, we have online tools that enable you to view an estimated deposit and monthly payment number-with your estimated credit score, you can get a better idea of these numbers.

Pre-Order Your Next Model Today with Our Online Tools

Here at Oracle Ford, we try to make the process of new and used car shopping as simple as possible. We highly encourage you to use our custom order tool to pick out the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle online and then have it delivered to our dealership near Tucson. We'll ask for your credit score during this process.

Consider Your Trade-In Value

If you have a vehicle that you currently drive and want to trade-in for a new model or a used car in our inventory, that price will work towards the total price of your new purchase. This is a great way to save. Use our online trade-in tool.

Start the Shopping Process with Oracle Ford in Florence

Budget for your new car today by using our online credit estimator, monthly payment calculator, trade-in tool, customization tool, and more. It only takes a few minutes to move forward in your personal shopping experience with Oracle Ford.