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Buying a car is an incredibly large purchase and not only because of the amount of money, but also because you are choosing a car that will be in your life for years. Now, yes money is most definitely large factor as well and it is amazing when you can save on that new car! Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars on a car relatively easily?

First of, when you plan to go into the dealership make sure you know exactly what you want and how much you want to pay. This is the biggest part in making sure you will save money. Next, go to your computer and search Oracle Ford Inc. in Oracle, TX. Find the address and figure out how to get to this dealership. Finally purchase your car through Oracle Ford Inc. and prepare to save money with our great low and competitive prices but mainly, NO CITY SALES TAX! Say it with us, no city sales tax. That means that right away you can save a hefty chunk of change on your new car! Whether you are buying a new Ford or one of our great used vehicles, you will not may any city sales tax!

At Oracle Ford Inc. we have a great selection of new Ford models as well as used vehicles and are always here to help get you into a great new car! In Oracle we do not have a city sales tax which means you are already saving money by shopping here. Come on down and take a look today!

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