4 Reasons why the Ford Explorer is great for family travels

Did you go through summer and all its traveling with a vehicle that wasn't up to the task? Well, you don't have to make that mistake again!

If you're looking for a capable vehicle that can fit the entire crew, stop into our Oracle AZ showroom to test drive the Ford Explorer. This three-row, seven passenger SUV is ready for long road trips and school-year events, and here are four reasons we think it's perfect for family travels.

  1. Space: a three-row vehicle is perfect for big families. If you need to use most of the seats you have plenty at your disposal or you can separate siblings that tend to bicker on drives. If you don't need three-rows for seating, you can always but down the back row and take advantage of the 43.9 cubic feet of cargo space you'd get on a daily basis.
  2. Happy campers: Even if you have normal rules against too much screen time, we know parents often break them when they've got a trip that'll entail everyone sitting still for hours. To help keep the peace outback, most Explorer's can get optional rear-seat entertainment. Now all you have to do is survive picking out what DVD's to bring along.
  3. Front Seat Comfort: power-seating is standard for whoever is driving the Explorer. It starts as 8-ways + manual lumbar support on the base trim and moves up to 10-ways + power lumbar support on the rest of the trims. Power seating for the passenger is also available or standard on most of the Explorer's trims!
  4. Safety: Safety is key, especially on vehicle's that are aimed at families. All Explorer's come standard with Bluetooth, a backup camera, and SOS post-crash alert system in case of an accident. While not available on the base, the other trims can add on the Ford Safe and Smart Package which has advanced safety technologies. On the top-level trim it's even standard.

These are just a few reasons we think the Ford Explorer is perfect for family trips! Since the holiday season is a short few months away, why not stop into our dealership and buy or lease an Explorer now so that you can get used to it? We're about 40-miles away from Pinal County, 50-miles from Florence, and look forward to working with you and your family!

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