Should you buy or lease your next new Ford?

Looking to bring a new Ford back to your house in Tucson? Then come down to our Oracle AZ dealership. We'll show you our selection and discuss financing options for buying or leasing a new Ford. Not sure which one is right for you? We'll go over a few things to keep in mind when weighing your financial choices!


Mileage matters when you're talking about leasing, and that's because leases have rules about how many miles you can drive a yea (usually between 10,000 to 12,000 miles). If you mostly stick to the Oracle AZ area, that's not an issue, but if you drive far distances from your Tucson neighborhood, buying is better option, that financing route ensures you aren't saddle with expensive overage fees.


Since leasing means you'll only have a vehicle for three-years, you won't pay as much each month, as you are mostly paying down the depreciation. With buying, you pay down the total amount, and your monthly payment can almost be double that of a lease. If you are a young buyer, on a tight budget, or want to have extra money to spend around Tucson during the weekend, leasing might be a better choice for your wallet.

That said, we always want to remind shoppers that if you keep coming back to our Oracle AZ dealership every few years for a new Ford lease, you'll technically end up paying more overtime than if you bought a vehicle and paid it off in the usual five-year contract. So, why would someone keep doing that? Well, we'll touch on it next.

Ownership Lifestyle

If you're someone who doesn't mind owning the same item for a long time and maybe even take pride in that ability, then buying a vehicle won't be an issue for you. Sure, the looks won't be recent forever and the technology won't be as up-to-date, but the thought of having no car payment is what matters more.

Conversely, if you're someone who always loves the newest toy, staying up on trends, or being the first on the wait list for a new product that'll take Oracle AZ by storm, leasing will probably be a better option. With leasing, it's hard to get bored of a vehicle, because you'll be into a new one in just a few years.

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