Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro: An Old Rivalry in a Modern Age

With regards to American pony cars, one of the oldest battlegrounds stands between the Ford Mustang and its stalwart competitor, the Chevrolet Camaro. The years have seen numerous improvements between the two models, but the constant headbutting like bucks fighting for dominance remains an omnipresent element of this rivalry. Still, we found that the Ford Mustang comes out on top in this age-old battle for supremacy.

Exterior Design

If you're a fan of sleek retro-inspired styling, the Ford Mustang will have you at first glance. With a bold, aggressive appearance that reflects a long history heart-pounding performance, the Mustang's classic design cues beckon to mind memories of an era when muscle cars reigned. And yet, its sculpted musculature is decidedly modern with a lowered hood and LED lighting.

The Chevy Camaro looks more contemporary and doesn't strike the same nostalgic chord. Both models are available in convertible form if you prefer open-air adventures around Tucson.


In terms of exterior dimensions, both models are close, but the Mustang boasts a slightly narrower wheelbase to help with cornering.

Interior Features to Cruise Tucson in Style

You'll find more room to move around, better cargo space, higher-quality materials, and better visibility in the Ford Mustang. Windshield pillars and rear glass lend themselves to visibility that is not only better than the Camaro's, but better-than-average overall for the class, supplying an extra boost of confidence as you take command of the road.

If you often find yourself in need of cargo space, the Mustang defeats the Camaro in this arena as well. A larger trunk, easier access to said trunk, and a more passenger-oriented cabin earn the Mustang several more practicality points to flaunt at the Camaro.



Buying a performance vehicle is rarely about need and more often about desire, but that just means that picking the right model becomes less of a necessity and more of a carefully thought-out passion project. And if you're passionate about sheer power, but also conscious about efficiency, the Ford Mustang delivers.

Both models offer a powerful lineup of engines, but the Mustang's top-tier trim offers a 460-horsepower 5.0L V8 engine that edges out the Chevy Camaro. The Camaro does supply a much more powerful engine at the top of its line, but you'll have to throw down roughly $20,000 more for it.

You'll also enjoy better fuel economy behind the wheel of the Mustang with the base engine. Whether driving around town or up and down the highway, the Mustang outpaces the Camaro in terms of efficiency.

Chevrolet Camaro Safety Features vs. Mustang

If you seek thrills, you want to do so safely. You'll have an easier time of it in the Mustang. While both models did well in government safety tests, the Camaro leaves out some of the sought-after advanced safety features that many drivers desire.

Features like a forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitor are notably absent from the Camaro's list of features. However, these features and more are optional on the Mustang, meaning you can enjoy greater peace of mind when you ease into the driver's seat.

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