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It can be hard to find the right balance between what you need in a vehicle and what is best for your budget. At Oracle Ford, we offer expert financing help and resources so that you find the right combination of features that you need for your daily driving in the Florence area at the right price.

Financing can be confusing, so it's our hope that we can shed some light onto leasing so that you can have the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Buying vs Leasing

There are benefits to both getting a loan and leasing your next car, so what it mostly comes down to is your personal preference. Not everyone's budget and driving needs are the same, and what might work for one person might not for another. By exploring the benefits of both, Marana drivers will be able to have a clearer idea of which works best for them.

The main benefit of a car loan is that at the end of the process, the car is yours. With the vehicle paid off, you can drive your vehicle without any monthly payments for years. Since it's your car, you can make modifications to it to meet your needs. It's even possible to build some equity while making your monthly payments.

When it's time to find your next car, you can use the value of your trade-in towards a down payment on your next vehicle, saving you potentially thousands of dollars.

The selling point of leasing your vehicle is the comparatively lower monthly payments. Since Pinal County drivers are not working towards ownership, they only have to pay for the taxes, depreciation of the vehicle, and any final fees incurred, which leads to affordable monthly payments.

With a lower monthly payment, it's possible to comfortably afford the latest models and the newest technology. And then when your lease is over, you're free to find another new car, making it easy to be driving the best next thing every few years.

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How the Leasing Process Works

The leasing process is relatively straightforward and in fact, easier than a car loan. Essentially the leasing process is working with one of our friendly sales team members to agree on the price of the vehicle. While monthly costs are based on depreciation, the final agreed upon price also plays a role. After that, consider the length of the lease, or term, and what you can afford for monthly payments.

Taking into account the short term and long term costs are the best way to find a lease that works for you. Once you have determined what is best for you, all you need to do is agree on the lease with our finance team, and you will be ready to go.

What Happens at the End of a Lease

At the end of your lease, dealerships typically contact you within 30 to 60 days of the end date. You can start exploring your options for another lease at that point. When it's time to part with your leased vehicle, you can simply take in the vehicle to the dealership, pay any final fees incurred, and be free to find your next vehicle to lease. There is also the option to buy your leased car as well.

What Do These Leasing Terms Mean?

Let's run through some of the frequently used leasing terms that are used so that you are aware of what they mean.

  • Depreciation: The amount by which the vehicle loses its value over a specified period.
  • Closed-End Lease: A lease that fixed the vehicle's residual value initially, which is stated in the contract.
  • Dealer Participation: An amount that the dealer contributes to lower the total price of the vehicle.
  • Lease Term: A period of months during which you have use of the vehicle and will pay an agreed upon monthly payment.
  • Residual Value: A prediction of what a vehicle is likely to be worth as it ages, usually expressed as a percentage of its original price.

Have More Questions About Leasing? Ask Our Finance Team

Do you want to know who is responsible for repairs during a lease (the dealership if it's under warranty, otherwise you are) or if leasing will affect your credit (it positively affects your credit if you make payments on time)? Our finance team can go into further detail about any of your questions, so contact them today to learn more!