Car Financing Options for Tucson Area Drivers

When you're seeking out a new or used vehicle, you have to find a way to finance your auto. At Oracle Ford Inc., we understand people can view securing car loans as a daunting task, but with us, it's far from that. Our goal is to help Tucson area shoppers meet their goals: which is to get behind the wheel of a new car, truck, or SUV, and that's why throughout the finance process, we work with you and provide you with a multitude of options so you can find the finance plan that fits you best.

Once you've determined which vehicle you'd like to drive home be it a new Ford or a used car from our Tucson area showroom, our finance team then takes the next steps with you. We're going to discuss what you're comfortable with paying, and based on a wide range of factors we will come up with an auto loan plan that can work within those parameters. We provide you with finance plans from many local and national institutions of finance and give you many different choices, while also talking about the different routes you can take, be it buying or leasing your new vehicle here in Tucson, along with Florence, Marana, Oracle, and Pinal County.

Buying vs. Leasing with Oracle Ford Inc.

The most common question our team gets asked here at Oracle Ford Inc. is what's the difference between buying and leasing a new Ford?

  • When you purchase a new car, you're agreeing to pay off the full amount of the vehicle through monthly payments, and have no mileage or wear and use guidelines to follow, and when you're done making payments, you don't have any more to make, and the vehicle is fully yours.
  • With a lease, you're agreeing to pay a monthly payment over a set period of time, and must adhere to wear and use guidelines and mileage restrictions, while getting the flexibility to enter a new lease for a new vehicle after the lease terms are up, or purchase your leased vehicle at its residual and remaining value.

Each one has benefits. If you know you're going to be doing a lot of driving and are the type of person who will own a vehicle for a long time, buying might be the right choice for you. If you like having a fresh set of wheels and new technology every three years or and know you won't go over the mileage, which is generous for that period of time, leasing gives you that option to always get a new vehicle when you want one.

Either choice is all about preference, and with our finance team and lease specialists here at Oracle Ford Inc. we'll make sure you are able to determine which one is right for you.

Find Savings When Purchasing Your Next Ford Vehicle

Our team will go over all the ways you can save when you purchase new, and the added benefits of purchasing a used car, so you're able to make a smart and informed choice. We provide you with all current offers and incentives, including new vehicle specials, as well as used car specials that provide more savings here in our Tucson area showroom. There are lots of different featured vehicles we have that provide standout pricing, and whichever type of vehicle you choose from us, we're going to work hard to maximize your savings.

You can learn more when you contact us online or call our finance center today. You can get a head start too by starting our simple to use credit application tool, value your trade tool, and more. Or feel free to stop into our showroom and see us and we'd be happy to get started!

Flexible Finance & Car Loan Options near Tuscon

At Oracle Ford Inc, we love nothing more than seeing a proud new Ford owner drive home in the car of their dreams. That being said, the auto finance process is one that has been known for frustrating potential buyers in the past. That's why Oracle Ford Inc works to ensure a smooth financing experience for the drivers we serve from Tucson, Florence AZ, Marana, Oracle and Pinal County. Our team doesn't just offer any auto loan and lease solutions; we cater each one to the individual needs of our customers.

Our team is familiar with ever factor at play when working with banks and financial institutions. The end result: we can help negotiate terms you'll love, ensuring you drive your next new or used car home on your terms.

Interested in seeing what Oracle Ford Inc can do for you? Fill out our online contact form today to get the ball rolling, or visit us at 3950 W. Hwy. 77 Oracle, Arizona today. Our team will be happy to address any financing-related questions and begin the work to find a solution that fits your requirements, whether you're interested in taking out a loan or signing a lease.

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